Not my will but Yours/Genesis 10/April 21, 2016

Today I learned that just because I don’t want to do something doesn’t mean God isn’t calling me to do it. Jesus reminded me of that when I read Luke 22:41-42, “Then He withdrew from them about  a stone’s throw, knelt down, and began to pray, “Father, if You are willing, take this cup away from Me-nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.”  This was just before He went to the Cross.  My daughter posed this question to me, “Mom, will God ask me to do something I don’t want to do?”  These verses came to mind and I shared them with her.  Help me LORD to be willing to do Your will-make my desires Yours even when the task is something I want you to take from me.

Genesis 10-April 21, 16


Moses Recounted/August 8, 2016/Exodus 18

Exodus 18-August 8, 16Moses recounted to his father-in-law all that the Lord had done…how the Lord had delivered them” (Exodus 18:8). As I read Exodus 18, I began to pray that God would make me and my husband people that our children and their spouses could come to and speak of “all that God has done…how He daily delivers them.” Jethro heard the heart of his son-in-law; he wanted to hear the good things that God had done on behalf of Moses and the people of God and he rejoiced when he heard (Ex. 18:7). I pray that my ears would be ears that hear of God’s goodness through the lips of my children and their children and that my heart would rejoice because God has rescued (by snatching) them from the power of the enemy (Ex. 18:10). I have no greater joy than to know that they are walking in the truth (3 John 4). “Yahweh is greater than all gods…” (Ex. 18:11).

I have Kept the Faith, July 21

LORD, You are Great and Awesome and You will grant me success to bring glory to Your Name (Neh. 4:14; 2:20 NIV).  Your Word assures me that it is You who fulfills Your purpose for me (Ps. 57:2 NIV).   I cling to Your promises and understand that I am not competent in  myself to claim anything for myself, but my competence comes from You, the One True God (2 Co. 3:5 NIV).  Be exalted over my life.   Make my feet “run in such a way as to get the prize” (1 Co. 9:24 NIV). When this race is over help me to be able to say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Ti. 4:7 NIV).   In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

For Your Gospel, July 2

God, thank You, through Christ my LORD, for my brothers and sisters whose faith is being reported all over the world—people who lay down their lives for the Faith (Ro. 1:8; Jn. 15:13 NIV). When I hear about their obedience, I am full of joy. Holy Spirit, spur me on to love and good deeds through those who hold unswervingly to the hope they profess, even to the point of death, by their faithfulness to Jesus (Ro. 16:19; Heb. 10: 23,24 NIV). Help me not to forget to pray for those suffering around the world for the gospel of Christ, the power of salvation for all who believe (1 Pe. 5:9; Ro. 1:16 NIV). In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Dressed up in Work Clothes

Around town, I passed by a sign that read, “Problems are just blessings dressed up in work clothes.” This reminded me of James 1:2,12, “Friends, consider it pure joy when you face all kinds of trouble because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance and perseverance must finish its work so that you will be mature and complete not lacking anything. Blessed is the person who perseveres under trial, for such persons loyally in love with Jesus Christ, the reward is life and more life” (NIV, MSG). God’s timing is always perfect: Word on the Way!

Overflowing in Thanksgiving, June 30

Father, You sent Jesus to serve. It is my heart’s desire to be conformed into His likeness by Your Grace. I desire to take the service I perform seriously not only supplying the needs of Your people but also overflowing in thanksgiving to You. Help me to prove myself through my actions so that people will praise You for the obedience that accompanies my good confession of faith. Mold in me gracious generosity (2 Co. 9:12-13 NIV). Strengthen my hand to take hold of every chance to work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to me in the community of faith (Gal. 6:10 MSG). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You are My Everything!, June 29

Jesus, You are my Drink, my Food, my Everything!  You say, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!  Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.  Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?  Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare”(Isa. 55:1-2 NIV).  “Food costs money, and lasts only a short time, and meets only physical needs.”  But You offer free nourishment that feeds my soul (NIV LASB Comm. V. 55:1-6). Help me to seek satisfaction from You alone.  In Christ, Amen.